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Bring your camera equipment to Bergen County Camera and we will be happy to assess it. Often it may be something simple -- like a dirty contact or failed battery. We can often give you a ballpark estimate to help you decide if it makes sense to get your item repaired. We are happy to help guide you through the entire process. To cover shipping and handling a $25 charge applies to all repairs regardless of warrantee status. Our full repair guide continues below.

About Your Repair

Our goal at Bergen County Camera is to provide our customers the services to meet their imaging needs. We sell the finest photographic equipment on the market and are proud to back up our sales with first-rate repair services for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty equipment.

We aim to provide quality repairs at a fair price and to get your photographic equipment back to you as soon as possible. Although Bergen County Camera does not repair your camera in house, we deal with both independent and factory authorized repair companies. Warranty service is provided regardless of where you purchased your equipment as long as it is covered under the manufacturers USA warranty. You will need to provide proof of purchase to validate the warranty (usually the original receipt).

How Long Will My Repair Take?

This is probably the most common question our customers ask. The average time it takes to receive an estimate for a camera repair is two weeks, although, we are often able to give a range once we can have a look at your camera.

Upon estimate approval, the average time for repair completion is three weeks. This means that the total time for many repairs may be four weeks. External factors such as parts availability, repair complexity and shipping time can significantly increase the turnaround time for a repair and can add several weeks to the total repair time. We will keep you updated should any delay occur.

Our customers often request for their repairs to be back in time for special events such as a wedding, vacation or graduation. We will do our best to accommodate requests for rush service but because of the variables mentioned above we cannot guarantee that your repair will be completed by a specified date.

If your camera is not ready on time, all may not be lost. You can rent a camera by the day, weekend or week -- just give us a call.

Where Will My Camera be Serviced?

We use several different repair facilities to ensure that equipment is handled in the most prompt and professional manner possible. Determining where to send your equipment is made on a case-by-case basis depending on warranty status, age and parts availability. Each manufacturer and service facility has its own repair procedures and this can affect the length of time your equipment is out for repair.

Why is There a Charge for My Warranty Repair?

Keep in mind that damage from abuse, tampering, sand, water, impact and pressure will void the warranty. Not all damage is visible and cannot be detected until the equipment is disassembled at the repair facility. In this case, an estimate will be provided before work proceeds. All manufacturers refuse to work on grey market goods (not sold by USA distributor) or equipment covered under an International warranty. Bergen County Camera never sells grey market goods.

What is the Warranty on Repair Work?

Our standard warranty on repair work is six months on analog (film) equipment and three months on digital imaging equipment. Canon and Tamron repairs include a 6 month warranty. Your warranty begins when the repaired equipment returns to the store, not when you pick it up from us. We ask that you pick up your repair as soon as possible and that you test the equipment as soon as possible.

We are happy to help test your cameras function with you during pickup. Please keep your copy of the repair ticket and refer to the invoice number in the upper right corner should you want to check the status of your repair. If you have any other questions regarding your repair, please call us at 201-664-4113, or stop in and speak to a Bergen County Camera staff member.

Protection 3 year and 5 year Warranties

We sell PRO-Tection 3-year and 5-year warranties and these plans cover damage to your camera or lens. Protection begins immediately when you purchase your Protection warranty. Coverage includes impact damage, manufacturer defects, sand, grit, accidental damage and unintentional abuse. It also covers 2 free sensor and interior cleaning during the life of the warranty on DSLR cameras - a $180 value. If you camera or lens cannot be repaired they will replace with a new or refurbished option.

You must purchase your warranty within 30 days of your camera purchase. The camera must be present and in working condition to purchase a warranty. These plans can save a lot of money when you factor in the free internal cleanings and the $175 starting price for most camera repairs.