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Image Recovery



When shooting pictures with your digital camera nothing can be scarier than getting the error message "Card Not Found", "Card Error," etc. This is usually caused by a corruption on your memory card.


What to do when disaster strikes - Do not run scan disk - Do not reformat - Never take additioanl pictures on the card (always carry spares) - Do not run disk utilities. Visit Bergen County Camera for our image recovery service.


We recover from most digital camera memory cards including SD, SDHC, Compact Flash Cards, Flash Drives, Memory Stick, Micro SD, XQD Cards. For hard drives, video cameras with internal storage, cellphones and other disk based devices use our DriveSavers services below.


Bergen County Camera Data Recovery Pricing:

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Learn more about preventing errors on our blog.



In House Recovery Service

Recoveries begin at $50 for the first 1 gb (Free for our Promaster Cards + media charges) with no charge for non-recoverable media. Save 50% on your recovery by buying a new comprable sized Promaster card. The Recovery Process: We use only non-destructive read only forensic card readers to recover data from your digital media.


Every precaution ­will be taken to ensure the integrity of your data. Please understand a recovery is not always possible. Although digital cameras are highly reliable devices, occasionally, problems do occur.


The Promaster Advantage: *Our Promaster cards include a lifetime warranty and free standard recoveries - a Promaster advantage. In the event your Promaster card has any electronic damage, the card will be replaced at no charge to you! Excludes physically damaged cards and DriveSavers recoveries.

DriveSavers Data Recovery

For media we are unable to recover, difficult or hard to recover media we suggest DriveSavers. They use state of the art clean room labs for all recoveries. They are fully equipped to handle all types of media including; memory cards, floppy disks, hard drives, hard drive cameras, older media and more. You can visit DriveSavers.com directly by using our links for a 10% discount or drop by the store and we'll send your recovery out for you.


Learn more about DriveSavers and get your 10% discount





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Bergen County Camera

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