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In pursuit of light

In pursuit of light.Nikon is proud to announce the next generation of full-frame mirrorless cameras and NIKKOR lenses, built around an all-new mount system and mount adapter for compatibility with your existing Nikon DSLR lenses.

Part 1: Travel of Light

Countless rays of light travel great distances, finally coming together to create a single image. As Nikon heads into the future, our ongoing mission is to guide light into the formation of truly superb photos and videos.

Part 2: Mount

Since the release of the Nikon F, Nikon has built a legacy of incredible cameras and lenses around the iconic F Mount. Building on that technology and DNA, Nikon aims for new, unprecedented heights.

Part 3: Body

Nikon has pursued development of the perfect camera for many years. This new system further embodies Nikon's spirit of manufacturing without compromise.

Part 4: Lens

NIKKOR lenses have offered photographers ever more ways to express themselves. To pursue and control the essence of light is at the heart of this journey, from now into the next 100 years.

Part 5: Photographers

Photographers who participated in test shoots share their first impressions. How did the new mirrorless camera system inspire them?

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