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Pixtechs consulting

A BCC PixTechs™ Personal Coaching Session will help you make the most of the powerful equipment, features and tools of today's imaging.


Bergen County Camera created PixTechs to provide one-on-one training and consulting services in your home or office, on location or at our store in Westwood


Please contact Abby, our Special Projects Manager, to discuss what you'd like to learn, at 201-664-4113 ext 244 or Send an Email.



Computer instruction (Mac and PC) including imaging software (Photoshop and Elements), scanning images and files, organizing and archiving images, retouching and more.

Inkjet printing -- getting the best prints from your home or office printer, or through our online print ordering system.

Camera instruction including settings and controls, portraiture, flash photography and more.

Color management -- in camera, and on your computer.

Lighting and Studio photography.



PixTechs rates:

Computer, inkjet and camera coaching and instruction: $125/hour Color management, lighting and studio coaching and instruction: $150/hour

A one-hour minimum applies for all consulting services; travel charges may apply depending on location. Rates are subject to change.



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Bergen County Camera

Westwood, NJ 07675

Phone: +1 201-664-4113

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