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Slide & Negative Scanning


Transfer your old slides to DVD's. Many slides shot in the 1970's and 1980's are beginning to show the signs of age, such as color shifts and fading. Our scanning service transfers your Ektachrome, Kodachrome, mounted slides, negatives or sheet film to DVD. Once on DVD you no longer have to worry about your aging slide film. A second copy is a great option to share with family or for keeping a backup copy to store in a safe location.

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Film formats supported (B&W and Color)

35 mm Negatives & Slides
120 Negatives & Slides
126 Negatives & Slides
110 Negatives & Slides
4x5 and larger sheet film
Disk Film Negatives

Transfer pricing varies based on the number and type of original images and the final number of final DVDs, Blu-Ray disks or files that we produce. If you choose, we can transfer multiple originals to a single disk (as many as will fit).

Output formats available

Your scans can be delivered to you on DVD, Blu-Ray or flash drive in a variety of formats.

For additional information please visit our store in Westwood, email or phone us at 201-664-4113