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Benro  PHQ1 5 Way Head  

Main specs

Type:  5-way head, QVTR

Maximum Load (kg):  11.5 kg

Panning Range (degrees):  360° on both fixed and variable axis

Benro-PHQ1 5 Way Head-Tripod heads
Specifications Accessories



5-way head, QVTR

Height (cm)

11.0 cm

Weight (kg)

11.5 kg

Tilting Range (degrees)

+90°/-15° Front;
+90°/-45° Side 

Panning Range (degrees)

360° on both fixed and variable axis

Plate Type

Dovetail (Arca-Swiss Compatible)

Additional Features

INDURO PHQ-Series Panheads offer a completely new concept in camera positioning with Quintaxially adjustable movements. Providing dual tilt, base and top plate rotation, and an Arca-Swiss style quick release system, this head offers photographers full repeatable indexing on five axes for maximum control and flexibility. Unique folding control handles make packing and transport easy. Ideal for studio and on-location shoots plus extended panoramic, QTVR, spherical and 3D photography. Each Panhead includes a matching Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Plate.

  • Quintaxial Positioning (Patent Pending): full five-way convenient and compact camera positioning system
  • Five Fully Graduated Scales: see and set the position of your tilts, pans and shifts
  • Five Bubble Levels: high-visibility levels can be viewed on all sides while making adjustments
  • Horizontal and Vertical Pan Locking Controls: independent movement and locking controls
  • Angular and Spherical Rotation: provide 360-degree rotational control on both base and head tilt axis
  • Folding Front/Rear and Side/Side Tilt Handles (Patent Pending): simplifies complete tripod/head packing and transport
  • Variable Direction Arca-Swiss Compatible Quick Release Clamp: interchangeable industry standard QR system
  • Balance and Nodal Point Positioning (with optional 3rd party accessories): extends the capabilities to advanced panoramic, QTVR, spherical and 3D photography
What's included:
  • PHQ1 5-way Head
  • PU-60 Quick Release Plate 

Head mount thread type

3/8" female thread, 1/4"-20

Maximum Load (kg)

11.5 kg


not specified

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