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We can copy the information stored on your video cameras internal memory or storage card to playable DVD's or Blue-Ray disks. If you are using a HD camcorder your videos take up a much larger amount of space and will fit easily on a single Blue-Ray disk without reducing quality.

Use this service to get your video camera videos out of your cameras internal memory or SD card onto a playable DVD. Once out of the camera you be able to free up space knowing that your videos are safely stored on external media.

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A straight copy - playable mainly on computers

DVD - $10

Blue-Ray $20

A playable DVD that will work on a DVD player and Computer

DVD - $49.99 ( 4.2 gb)

DVD-DL - $59.99 (8.4 gb)

Blue Ray - $79.99 (22 gb)

Blue-Ray DL - $89.99 (45 gb)

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