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Transfer your old VHS video tapes to DVD. Many VHS video tapes are beginning to show the signs of age. As tapes age they can break, stick together or start to degrade all of which impacts the quality of your videos.

Our video transfer service transfers your video tapes to DVD so you no longer have to worry about your aging tapes. A second copy is a great option to share with family or for keeping a backup copy to store in a safe location.

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Please use the coupon below for your free second copy of your VHS tape transfer.

Please display this coupon on your mobile device or mention code 852.

Unlike many mail in transfer services our orders are picked up and delivered by hand and never sent by mail.

VHS T-120 tapes were recorded in a variety of speeds; SP, LP, or EP which means a tape holds up to either 2, 4 or 6 hours if fully filled with video.

VHS-C TC-30 tapes are a compact version of VHS that fit into an adapter to play. Normally these tapes hold up to 30 minutes but can also hold 60 or 90 minutes depending on recording speed.

We'll give you a full estimate with a high and low range based on the VHS tapes you bring in.

Video transfer pricing varies based on the number of original tapes, movies and/or slides we transfer, and the number of final DVDs or Blu-Ray disks we produce. If you choose, we can transfer multiple originals to a single disk (as many as will fit).

We will provide a complete estimate before starting any work.

Have a lot of tapes? Inquire about our quantity discounts for video transfers.

We also offer additional services such as international conversions, tape repairs, still image capture from video, background music and editing.

Video formats supported



Mini DV



Output formats available

Your film can be delivered to you on DVD, Blu-Ray or digital format.

** Pricing Guide **

For additional information please visit our store in Westwood, email or phone us at 201-664-4113.

Video Transfer Services

From Video Tape To DVD

Up to 2 hrs $29.99

Up to 2 hrs $29.99

Supported formats: VHS, VHS-C,  Digital 8, Mini-DV, DV Cam and Betamax. Allow 2 weeks.

From Video Tape To MP4 Video File

Up to 2 hrs $34.99

Deliver on client supplied media

Capture analog video from any source in real time to MP4. Allow 2 weeks.

From Video Tape To DVD and MP4 Video File

Up to 2 hrs $39.99

Save $24.99! over single services

Save by ordering both services at one time. Receive your video on a playable DVD as well as a digital MP4 file. Allow 2 weeks.

From Digital Video To DVD

Up to 2 hrs $59.99

Addl. Copies $9.99 ea

Convert your digital files to a playable SD DVD. Allow 2 weeks.