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HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography


Join Bergen County Camera's John Tworsky and Paul Carretta for a two hour advanced level photography class, "HDR / High Dynamic Range Photography".

This course is geared for the DSLR user and assumes an Intermediate knowledge of Photography (f-stops, shutter speeds, RAW and JPEG settings, basic composition and lighting) and a basic understanding of imaging software like Photoshop Elements (histograms, hightlight and shadow values).

These are topics covered in our Basic Digital Photography and Intermediate Digital Photography and Basic Photoshop classes.

HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography

We'll give you the knowledge necessary to decide when HDR is right and how to expose and capture the images necessary to make stunning HDR images.

We'll show step by step examples of how HDR images are created using Photomatix (Full working demo - free download). The techniques taught will also be applicable to HDR software from NIK Software and Photoshop CS. Our examples will illustrate both RAW and JPEG workflows and demonstrate the tremendous capability when using RAW.

We'll provide you with all the information to necessary to assess any scene for HDR. We'll talk about bracketing, choosing the correct number of exposures and all the major software adjustments. Handouts for this class include full step by step instructions for recreating the class examples at home.

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