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Harold Rubin

Harold has worked at BCC for over 5 years in our Camera Sales Department, and has enjoyed photography for over 40 years. Prior to working at BCC, Harold designed and supported enterprise-level computer solutions in the telecommunications industry.

He strives to photograph the moments we don't often notice, using the right tools for the right job. He enjoys sports photography, but has also embraced taking things a little slower for a more artistic spin.

Harold is available for one on one instruction on the following topics:

  • Getting to know your digital camera
  • Basic / Intermediate Digital Photography
  • Setting up your smartphone / tablet to operate your camera and transfer images
  • Lightroom

Please contact Abby, our Special Projects Manager, to discuss what you'd like to learn, at 201-664-4113 ext 244 or Send an abby@bergencountycamera.com.

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