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Tom Gramegna - President and Owner

Tom’s interest in photography started early. As a teen he became aware of fine art photography through his other passion in life: the love of music. A&M records used an Ansel Adams photograph, “Monolith: The Face of Half Dome” as an inner sleeve cover for some of its' LP records. The seed was planted and solidly took hold. He attended an Ansel Adams show at a New York City gallery as a 13 year old and sought to purchase two oversized Adams photographs using college savings. However, his wise parents couldn’t understand how someone could be silly enough to want to buy two “pictures” for the total of $500! Tom needed to wait a few more years and many more dollars later to acquire his first Adams.

Tom’s love of music, again was his motivation to purchase his first 35mm camera. Tom began attending many rock concerts in the late 60’s, and 70's and from there the desire to photograph his musical heroes was next. He photographed hundreds (probably thousands) of concerts and continues to do so. Tom attended Seton Hall University where he majored in Art History / Fine Arts. After drawing and painting in his youth, the camera became his creative tool of choice with subject matter including macro, nature and abstract compositions. After graduating he learned the camera business in a four year stint at Camera One in Morristown and during that period began showing & selling his work at a number of local galleries.

Although Tom was at times torn between a career as a photographer and businessman, when the opportunity to purchase “The Bergen County Camera Shop” (as it was originally called) came around there was no hesitation.

And now after 40 years, Tom still enjoys and is excited by his job. He has a wide variety of passions that include scuba diving, antiques, organic gardening, collecting photography and restoring a century old house and gardens to their original state. He is active in charities that allay human suffering and promote human rights and a clean environment.

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John Tworsky - General Manager and CTO

John's responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of BCC's business..

John Tworsky attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he received an AAS & BS in Photo Marketing & Business Administration and Pace University where he received MBA's in Financial Management & Information Systems Management.

John's an avid photographer and has been using Adobe Photoshop since 1990 and is responsible for bringing many new digital techniques and services to the store. John started teaching basic analog photography at BCC in 1999 since then the course offering has grown to 10 courses with over 4,500 students attending over the years.

Please don't hesitate to email John with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Bob Gramegna - VP and Co-Founder

Bob is extremely grateful for what the photo business has given him. He has met and advised people from all aspects of business and the music and entertainment field on the subject of photography and considers them to be amazing life experiences that he will not soon forget.

As one of the co-founders of Bergen County Camera, there was very little down time and long hours at the store. But Bob has managed to meet many fantastic people who have started out as customers and became great friends. He even met his wife Gail at the store! Bob and Gail have photographed in many places together, including, the British Isles (Scotland was the honeymoon destination), Bermuda and Northern California.

Their favorite subjects these days are their children Matthew and Cara and most recent addition Buddy, a 90lb Yellow Labrador retriever born in 2006. Bob is always available to answer any photographic question at anytime and remains a visible presence in the store for 26 years. Recommendations are the lifeblood of any specialty store and Bob always gets high marks for his friendliness, professionalism and relaxed personality. He lives in Bergen County and is involved in as many of the local community programs as time permits.

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Paul Carretta - Store Manager and Buyer

Paul Carretta is the Store Manager and Buyer.

Paul's been taking pictures since an uncle bought him a Yashica point and shoot camera when he was 8. From this early start, his interest turned to 8mm movies which occupied his free time through high school. After high school, Paul started shooting professionally working for several studios. Soon he opened his own studio specializing in wedding and commercial photography. After 22 years at his studio Paul came to work at Bergen County Camera.photography at the store.

Paul also teaches classes in digital photography at the store.

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Abby Passman - Special Projects Manager

Abby attended RIT where she studied Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography. Abby's photographic interests include printing in the darkroom, digital restoration and alternative printing processes.

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Paul Brodek - Used Equipment Buyer

Paul Brodek is BCC's Used Equipment Buyer, one of many staffers who was a happy BCC customer before joining the BCC crew. With more than 40 years of camera use under his belt, he's happy to help you with used gear, film or digital, whether you're looking to buy, sell or trade. You may also occasionally find him on the sales floor selling new cameras, temporarily released from the BCC basement used camera dungeon.

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John Currens - Sales

John Currens, a long time resident of Bergen County, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is a graduate of the Germain School of Photography in NYC. He specializes in children, family portraits, photography, portraits, weddings, bar-bat mitzvahs, and commercial photography. He is has recieved the Kodak Gallery Award of photographic excellence and brings over 20 years of experience to every picture.

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Jeremy Lebled - Sales

Jeremy has loved photography since a young age. He is currently the House Photographer for the Bergen PAC in Englewood NJ. Where he photographs all the Celebrities & Musicians that come to perform there. He also loves to photograph Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and all types of events. He enjoys meeting new people at the store and gets great satisfaction out of teaching people photography.

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Steve Burns - Sales

Steve Burns is a long time Westwood resident, and avid photographer. He has over 35 years of experience in commercial photography where he's known for photographing people in their environment and bringing studio skills to location photography shoots. Steve is a co-founder, and former board member of ASM-NJ. Having also owned and run a black and white photo lab, Steve has a good background in traditional film and printing processes as well.

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Alan Schwab - Sales

Alan Schwab is a fine art photographer with a great affinity for nature. A woodworker by trade, he is also an award-winning photographer who has been featured in many art shows. He enjoys shooting urban landscapes in addition to the wildness of our natural world. Please don't hesitate to approach Alan about anything regarding nature photography, he would be glad to assist you.

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Keli Dougherty - Sales

Keli's photographic experience ranges from commercial work to photojournalism to fine art. Her list of favorite photographic subjects range from nature, to landscapes, to cars and motorcycles, to street photography and beyond. She is known to rarely leave home without a camera. A graduate of William Paterson University (Wayne, NJ), she holds both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Fine Arts. An avid photographer since high school, she has participated in art and photography shows across both the U.S. and Canada, and has had work featured in Photographic Society of America shows across the United States and in China. She is a regular participant in NJ art shows such the Paterson Art Walk (Paterson, NJ). Keli works both in film and and digital formats.

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Lauren Furlong - Digital Imaging Specialist

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Carly Rahl - Sales

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Charlene Wisnewski - Sales

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